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Functionally Fit for Life

The Functionally Fit for Life Community is one of the reasons so many join and remain for so long.

Read some of their stories here:

“Most days I would see my co-worker get ready to work out with Mike and the next day I would ask how the class went and we discussed it in great detail. I also saw her lift heavy stone bowls and was so impressed with her fitness level, I wanted to try Mike's class.

Since working with Mike and FFFL, I've learned to challenge myself, not to think about strength and weaknesses, rather the strength I have to meet new challenges. This is something I learned from Mike asking if I want to try a heavier weight. It applies to a lot of other things in my daily life!”

  • Robin, age 71

“I'm a senior who enjoys cycling. I have taken Mike's classes to become more physically fit in the ways that cycling by itself either didn't enhance or may have decreased my overall fitness.

Mike is a motivating, non-intimidating coach who builds routine, fun and self discipline into every workout. I have accomplished goals I never thought I'd reach...and with a smile on my face.”

  • Charlie, age 77

Most people I know don’t like to exercise (me included) but I do know to stay active, to be able to get up off the floor and enjoy movement. I truly enjoy the energy of working out with others. We are very fortunate to have Mike, a person who believes that exercise is important in our lives. Not only that, Mike is patient, and works with each person in their capacity while helping them feel good about their improvement of energy and endurance. Plus it’s fun to be a part of a class.

  • Sandy, age 76

There is a sense of warmth, integrity, and humor about Michael that is admirable, I can’t imagine it’s possible to find a better physical trainer. He is focused, expects a lot from his participants but not more than they can do, seems—amazingly—to be aware of everyone’s limitations and goals—young and old alike—and shapes their workout to match that need.

If you have an opportunity to take one of his classes, do it, and stay with it, the results, and your sense of accomplishment, will be amazing.”

  • Mark, age 71

Mike had come highly recommended by participants that were going to his fitness training class. I also have a tendency to falter in working out on my own, so going to a class is more motivating for me and Mike’s classes provide a push for me. After two years of attending his classes (twice a week), I have improved muscle strength, my joints ache less and just feel better overall.

After having participated in Mike’s workout class, I was convinced that he can lead a group of people with all ranges of physical abilities towards a common goal - to improve balance, muscle strength, joint flexibility and general overall fitness. Mike’s workouts provide the environment to realize fitness goals.

  • Joan, age 71

I read about Mike’s professional qualifications and friends mentioned his classes and how happy they were with the way he teaches and the results they were getting. I'm at the age where, what and how exercise is done makes such a difference and Mike took the time to learn each of our strengths and weaknesses and encouraged us to keep going and try harder at times.

I remember when he told me, "You can pull that sled!" I thought to myself, “No I can't,” but if he thinks I could, well then I probably could, and I did!!! I appreciate all the detail and description he gives for each exercise or stretch during class. It all makes sense and is easy to follow. If anyone is looking for a place and person to improve health and movement, it's Mike!

  • Susie, age 63