Fit for Life

Fitness classes with Mike Puzzo

that empower you to make positive changes in your life through fitness and community.

Start making life changes


Improve your life by becoming healthier,
happier, and more functionally fit.


Build a stronger body, rid of past injuries, so you can live a fruitful life.


Join a positive and supportive community to help achieve your health & fitness goals.

Move better and become stronger 

Even with the desire to change, without proper knowledge and strategies to define and fulfill our goals, we won’t be able to accomplish them.

Without a community to encourage us and push us, we won’t return over and over again.

Join classes to

Learn how and why to do certain exercises to improve your overall fitness. 

Receive the encouragement that makes you want to return class after class.

What clients say

about Mike, FFfL's founder and coach, who provides fitness classes designed for anyone - any age, any fitness level - that is ready to make changes in their life. 

Why Mike is right for you

Provides knowledge that will empower people to achieve their goals 

Fosters a community that will help people stay accountable

Gives a space for people to find their intrinsic motivation 

Creates a environment that provides opportunities beyond working out

Like all major life achievements, improved health, fitness and strength occur over years, not weeks or months.

Here's what Mike promises to all who join his Functionally Fit for Life community:

I’m in it for the
long haul

You can count on me for being there through thick and thin, through the ups and downs and over the months and years. 

Your health and fitness is my #1 priority

I coach, keeping in mind your goals and objectives, but also your individual abilities, pushing you as far as I think is healthy.

I’ll be there for
the ups & downs

When there are barriers, obstacles, hurdles, and setbacks, I’m there to support you through it and help you get back on track.

If you are looking for a place to improve your health and fitness, join our community.